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Re: FreeDiams uploaded

On Sat, Oct 03, 2009 at 10:58:00AM +0200, Eric MAEKER wrote:
>> For the packaging I would split the data files into a separate  
>> arch=all
>> package.
> Oh yes, I'd like to do it myself but time is missing and documentation  
> for this kind of work is.... big...
> But this is an issue.

No problem. For this purpose we like to provide help in the Debian Med

> Can I add your contribution into the About page of FreeDiams/ 
> FreeMedForms (including public mail) ?

I don't really mind - mentioning the Debian Med team might make

> Hummm, I'm on holidays this night and off-line for one week. So yes,  
> I'll make changes since 12th of Octobre.

I can also do the doc package - no problem.

I have one question: You installed 




did not ended up in the package.  Is this intentional or just a
bug in the installer?

Kind regards



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