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References, registrations

Hi Andreas, have many thanks for your work on the registration info - I like it a lot. You
have seen me changing the wording a bit, hope that was ok.

The page has not yet updated itself, so I cannot be too critical myself about it, though I
 knew autodock to have a fresh paper out, which is a nice use case for having both the
citation and the registration info shown.

For the registration I have added a "Publication-URL" entry, which would need to span
around the title (which is the way pubmed.org is shown them) or around the whole block
(ugly?). This way this should work for all kinds of Blends and may also comprise dimploma
theses or technical notes that one finds at many universities.

Just dreaming along a bit:

 * Would you be interested to show an icon of some sort? I thought that
   the favicon.ico of the URL that is given may be nice to show. Otherwise
   preferable would be the icon that is mentioned in debian/menu, but I
   would not know how to implement that. The page already looks nice as
   it is, maybe it would be too much.
 * Would there be a sufficiently easy away to directly link to the developer's page like
 * We need to get a paper out on this all - say when the freeze is spoken
   out loudly? It is then not unlikely to appear kind of in sync with the release.
 * [CS]ould we link to the man pages of the respective program? Ubuntu has
   and I would not mind seeing references to their site ... but I don't really
   know how to do this.

Again, many thanks and greetings


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