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Re: Help with sonames for Staden's io_lib package.

Dear Charles,

Charles Plessy wrote:
> I almost finished to package Staden's io_lib. In contrary to Upstream's
> defaults, the Debian package builds a dynamic library. Could somebody help me
> to figure out the Right Thing to do with the sonames?
> I have uploaded a preliminary package on mentors.d.o:
> http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/s/staden-io-lib/staden-io-lib_1.11.6.1-1~rc1.dsc

this is all a bit difficult for you to decide since you cannot tell what upstream is doing
in internally. The sonames are supposed to reference the API, such that across versions of
the library, as long as the soname does not change, some binary can link to it without
experiencing much of a surprise.

You might want to contact upstream about it. My suggestion is to give it soname 0 as a
start and then see what is going to happen with later versions.  The sonames do not
(necessarily) mirror the versions of the package.



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