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Re: FWD: [Bug#528733: O: svn-buildpackage -- helper programs to maintain Debian packages with Subversion]

Hi Andreas,

just to clarify:

Am Freitag, den 15.05.2009, 13:41 +0200 schrieb Andreas Tille:
> Please try not to turn this thread into an Emacs-agains-Vim-ish flamewar
> about the "best" VCSs.  There is no such thing like a best VCSs

This was not my intent at all! I agree with you that the choice of a VCS
is personal preference. I neither want force the use of my pet-VCS. My
intent was to have a session to just talk about experiences with other
VCSs. I never used bazaar, mercurial or darcs for packaging but obviouly
people do and feel quite happy about that. I'd be interested in hearing
their point of view as well, trying to understand if there are similar
workflows or why they prefer those over a different VCS. This does not
have to end in a flamewar at all; it's perfectly possible to just listen
to peoples' concerns/opions. As long as noone tries to "force opions" on
others, it's just tech-talk. And understanding these point of views
probably helps making better choices (if there is a need).

> [...] to stay with SVN as long as my bandwidth at home became
> acceptably fast to pull large upstream code chunks (which is in my
> eyes the worst thing in Git - but this is my personal problem).

It's possible to do packaging in Git with the "debian/ + tarball" model
as well, as it is with SVN. But it's exactly these concerns that not
everyone using Git may be aware of; so my suggestion would be to put our
heads together and try to understand those issues better. I'm quite
confident noone will get hurt. ;)

Best regards

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