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[kdahlquist@lmu.edu: [Bosc] abstract 30 accepted for BOSC lightning talk]


our abstract was accepted for a short presentation. Which is just fine
and all I ever wanted, really.  What is important for us does not happen
at presentation time but before and after the talk, obviously.

That said, I would be happy to revive the BOSC liveCD plans a bit to
the degree that introductory material could somehow be crafted and
submitted to Debian that guides the user to their possibilities they
have while using the distribution. And such an addendum, even if it only
makes it into sid at publication time, should be worth publishing jointly.

To sum up, my hope for the presentation is to bring Debian as close as
possible to upstream and add a disseminative role to it that is beyond
binaries towards education. The latter should help Debian-based
activities to attract public funding of some sort.

Please you all have a bottle of some nice juice (possibly fermented) to
celebrate now


----- Forwarded message from Kam Dahlquist <kdahlquist@lmu.edu> -----

On behalf of the Bioinformatics Open Source Conference 2009, I am pleased  
to inform you that your abstract, titled

Debian adopts and disseminates Bioinformatics Open Source Software

has been accepted for a 5 minute Lightning Talk at BOSC 2009.

Please confirm with us via e-mail that you accept this invitation and that  
you will register for and attend BOSC 2009 (Please note that the deadline  
for discount registration is Friday, May 15).  Furthermore, please notify  
the program committee ASAP by e-mail if there are any special  
considerations that need to be taken into account when scheduling a time  
slot for your talk (e.g., conflicts with talks at other SIGs).  You will be 
notified of your session and time slot in the next couple of weeks.


Kam Dahlquist

Chair, BOSC2009

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