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Re: Bug#527141: ITP: lutefisk -- Software for the de novo interpretation of peptide CID spectra


On Wed, May 06, 2009 at 08:39:20AM +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
> On Tue, 5 May 2009, Filippo Rusconi wrote:
>> Lutefisk performs a de novo interpreation of CID spectra, providing
>> the user with a file containing all the possible sequence candidates
>> corresponding to the CID data fed to the program.
> Does anybody consider this useful for biological research?

Well, I'd rather say that this software would pertain to the protein
chemistry field. I am using it in my work on some occasions, in
particular when "collision induced decay" (CID) data on a given ion
does not confirm the putative identity of a peptide.

So this program is definitely mass spectrometry-oriented. As other
tools I am either developing myself (massXpert) or simply packaging
(mMass), its aim is to help in the interpretation of mass
spectrometric data on biopolymers (proteins, in the specifics). As
such, I envision its Debian package as a member of the debichem

Note that the algorithm of lutefisk has not evolved a lot since a
while, and the functionality can be considered "stable".

Hope this helps,

Best regards,

Filippo Rusconi, PhD - CNRS - public key C78F687C
Author of ``massXpert''     at http://www.massxpert.org

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