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Re: Version numbering scheme according to date

Andreas Tille wrote:

> I also follow the adivise I've got
> some years ago to use: 0.0.YYYYMMDD - this is nearly save if
> upstream starts using real version numbers.

NACK. 0.0.1 < 0.0.2009XXYY

"Really" safe is 0~yyyymmdd or even 0+yyyymmdd. This is what I would
suggest. We use this for tarballs based on pure SVN checkouts
which don't have any version number (0+svnXXXX).

However, upstream seems to use the date in their tarball names,
so I cannot agree to your critics here and suggest to stay with
the official release numbering. If upstream ever changes to something
like x.y.z, *then* the Debian package should change to 1:x.y.z.
Otherwise users might be confused by the version of the Debian package.

> So for the next
> upload I would strongly advise to use 1:0.0.2009MMDD as version
> (the period is needed to let dpkg notice the higher version).

As I said: I cannot agree, but it's not my package. So:

just my 2 cents
Regards, Daniel
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