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Nettab 2009 - social systems and technologies in bioinformatics


when I heard about this topic at last year's Nettab, I thought that this would definitely
be something to present Debian-Med at. We'd need to prepare three pages to possibly be
accepted for an oral presentation.

My June is already rather spiked with three events and I am not sure if I can go to
Palermo myself. I'd like to go. But since we have Davide in Palermo, nothing much can
happen, right?

Here is the CFP: http://www.nettab.org/2009/?q=node/43 , deadline is the 28th this month.

I'll do the writing, coauthors would be whoever on this list constributes union {Davide,
Charles, Andreas}.

Comments? A waste of energy? Don't think so. Most of the individuals there are teaching
bioinformatics themselves and will be involved to some degree in the decision making about
what platform to use.

Another meeting we should consider to join in is the Bioinformatics Open Source Conference
(BOSC) that is in Europe(Stockholm) this year http://open-bio.org/wiki/BOSC_2009 with a
deadline on Easter Monday. There is some stalled work on a Debian-derived Linux
distribution by them ( http://open-bio.org/wiki/BOSC/liveCD ) and a presentation of some
sort might help to persuade the folks to join the main stream of submitting packages to
Debian rather than preparing a for separate thingy. If I can find the time tonight, then I
will prepare an abstract (no more we need) and send it to the list for your OK.



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