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Re: [Help] Failed to apply new Python policy to GNUmed packages

On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 07:27:59AM +0200, RKI Andreas wrote:

>> While it is tempting to "slip in" not strictly needed improvements into
>> a bugfix it is usually - as is quite evident here - a road down which
>> dragons live.
>> Don't.
> Well, I didn't in the first place (look at 0.3.12 package).  But since
> 0.4.x it stopped working this way

Ah, indeed, I missed that - true enough, the -m was
introduced in 0.3.12 already without moving the modules. My

So, it's simply a question of getting the private modules
directory added to sys.path before gnumed.py starts up.

This *really* should be doable by at least one of

- adjust PYTHONPATH in /usr/bin/gnumed
	(which I would recommend)

- use Gnumed.pth in site-packages/
	(which higher wizards around here discourage us to do)

- link /usr/share/gnumed/Gnumed into site-packages/
	(which is entirely non-standard and distasteful)

- modify sys.path inside gnumed.py appropriately
	(which I disapprove of as it means moving
	 platform specific code from platform specific
	 layers into platform-agnostic Python code)

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