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Re: [pkg-bioc] BioConductor

On Wed, 18 Mar 2009, Steffen Moeller wrote:

Concerning specialised Debian repositories, I seem them more and more. There is one for
the OpenMoko w/ Debian, for instance, which you cannot get around. Once Dirk announces the
R one, this will become some standard thingy, too. Mentors we have. Possibly others that I
am not aware of. Ubuntu has many smaller ones via their launchpad. In the longer run,
Debian should come up with some way to support them officially.

I doubt that Debian will support anything outside Debian officially and
IMHO it contradicts itself if you officially want to support something
that is not full under your control.  I trapped myself in the licensing
pitfall of a "GPL licensed R package" (r-cran-maptools) and Debian can
not officially support code which was not officially verified regarding
the license and this process is called NEW queue.

So if there would be a cran/bioc/whatever archive with R packages it
might be a good chance to cherry pick from there and just go the long
road through the new queue.

Kind regards



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