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Re: Micro Manager

I just stumbled on this interesting discussion and - being one of the main
contributors to the Micro-Manager project - can provide the following
additional information:

>>   http://debian-med.alioth.debian.org/tasks/imaging.html#micromanager

>> Please verify that the information is correct and reflects the current
>> state of our knowledge.  I would like to discuss two questions:

>>   1. Is there a chance to make reasonable packages from the
>>      free parts and leave the non-free part at a separate place.

> this is possible. unfortunately the majority, or at least the
> interesting parts, happen to be non-free. so it's not really worth the
> effort at this point.

Micro-Manager keeps free and non-free cleanly separated, and it is
straight-forward to make a free package.  Unencumbered code provides a GUI
for microscope image acquisition (BSD license), a hardware interface layer
(LGPL) and hardware interfacing for:
- ASI stages, filter wheels and shutters
- Arduino
- Conix filter changer
- Velleman K8055 and K8061 digital IO boards
- Leica DMI microscopes
- Ludl shutters, stages and filter Wheels
- Nikon TE2000 microscope
- Physik Instrumente stages
- Pecon stage incubators
- Prior shutters, stages and filter wheels
- Spectral LMM5 laser controller
- Sutter shutters, filter wheels and DG4
- Vincent Uniblitz shutters
- Yokogawa spinning disk confocal CSU22 and CSUX
- Zeiss microscopes (two 'generations')
- iidc1394 compatible cameras (through libdc1394)

There is code under BSD or LGPL that interfaces with cameras from various
manufacturers, however, most of those do not have linux drivers and those
that do (Photometrics/PVCAM and Andor as far as I know) have binary only
drivers.  I guess that this camera support is what Johan finds most
interesting.  There are, however, plenty of really good cameras that use the
iidc1394 specs and that can be run with Micro-Manager using unencumbered

Hope this clarifies the situation!



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