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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Re: Live Media

On Fri, 13 Feb 2009, Sebastian Hilbert wrote:

It is not a problem of the packages or the dependencies itself. If I want to
add a repository such as experimental or any other repository I need to
fiddle with one sources.list for the chroot stage , one for the build stage
and so forth. It is a usability thing. Not an issue right now since I have
figured it out. Those files need to be preseeded. That means I have to supply
them rather than telling live-helper on the command line that I want gnumed
from reppository foo. Don't worry about it.

Smells like you want to file a wishlist bug report for live-helper ...

The webpage keeps track of the files such as custom files in home directories,
custom configuration files etc. In live -helper I always need to navigate the
directory tree for the supplied files. It is just a question of usability.


1.) Have a repository such as svn for custom files

Why not using



Didn't I asked you before to commit your configuration stuff to this
place?  Do you like the idea to use this repository for the Live CD
thingy?  I'd call it a very good idea.

2.) write scripts that copy those files (sources.lst, wallpaper, user info,
documentation, boot splash) into the live-helper environment

This is possible I just lack the shell scripting skills.

Normally it works like this:  Start with what you can do and ask for
help in certain questions where you have problems?

Isn't this just be done by simple rebuild of the ISO?
Yes. I meant something along the lines of a watch file that would detect a new
version of a debian med package and roll new images.

I'm not convinced that this is very reasonable.  There are always
changes to certain components so rebuilding new images might be
done very frequently but there is no real need to rebuild over and
over again.  (But I might be wrong here.)

Kind regards



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