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Re: dicomscope 3.6.0 / debian package

And what's about Aeskulap DICOM viewer, 
It could be a good starting point!

Best regards
Pablo Sau

El 09/01/2009, a las 22:58, Andreas Tille escribió:

On Fri, 9 Jan 2009, Mathieu Malaterre wrote:

Sorry to sound so negative/arrogant, but that's the truth.

Well, if there is an objective test for the standard conformance
I have no problem if somebody tells the truth.  The question is
whether there might be a chance to unite people interested in
developing a DICOM viewer that really supports the standard and
is actively maintained upstream.  As the previous poster
confirmed those Java Gurus are not working on DICOMscope any
more and the TCL/TK part of DICOMscope is not really what I would
call a modern graphical toolkit.  What do you think about
a "modern DICOM viewer initiative" under the hood of Debian Med
where you try to confront upstream developers with your hall
of shame.  Perhaps we might gather some people who either continue
DICOMscope development or rewrite the graphical interface around
the gdcm library?

Kind regards



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