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Manual page issues in the SVN


A short look into the manual pages hosted in the debian-med SVN
repository revealed several issues:

- broken whatis entries (e.g. ballview.1, dash in the NAME section is
unescaped - note, that in this section, there should be just *one*
escaped dash; in the other sections, you have to escape the dash in a
- missing section references (e.g. arb.1, SEE ALSO)
- option minus signs are not escaped (several manual pages; makes a
difference in UTF-8, check the hyphen-used-as-minus-sign lintian
warning; some also miss this in the .TH macro)
- bold macros in the NAME section (arb* - no bold in the NAME section)
- the header usually contains the command name in uppercase (ballview.1,
epigrass.1, fastDNAml.1 and some more miss that)
- some macros are used wrong (e.g. the IP macro in sofa.1)
- some throw man-warnings: e.g. autogrid4.1, autodock4.1, axparafit.1 -
all hyphenation issues; lodscore.1: a dot or a ' at the beginning of the
line start a macro, so '.5' must be '\&.5' if put at the beginning of a

I might have missed more issues (especially spelling typos; aspell
should help).

A few more hints:

- mail addresses should be put between '\&' (without the quotes)
- URLs should start with a '\%' (without the quotes)

The GROFF manual and the Linux Man Page Howto give more information
(especially about the above described escapes).

Regards, Daniel

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