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Re: Avogadro and shogun something for us?

On Wed, 19 Nov 2008, Manuel Prinz wrote:

Avogadro is definitely useful in Bioinformatics, though it might be
better suited in Chemistry.

There is no reason to leave out a package in Biology just because it
is primarily targeting at chemists.  The rationale behind our work
is *not* finding proper categories where a package might fit in general
but whether it is of use for a certain user category.  (A package is
not like a book that can sit only in one shelf - either chemestry or
biology - it might be useful in more than one working field.)

Depending on what you do as a Bioinformatic researcher, it's hard to
tell what one would need. Those working on the sequence level might
prefer the packages Debian Med provides, those on the structural level
(like me) probably prefer the packages in Chemistry and Physics.

Do you want to suggest a med-biochemestry or med-bio-structural

Kind regards



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