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GDCM 2.0.10 is out !

This release provides:
- ITK 3.10.0 integration (with ITK_USE_SYSTEM_GDCM)
- Much *much* better C# support (thanks to Mark for hard work)
- Lossy J2K finally made it into gdcmconv !

GDCM 2.0.10 (2008/11/18)

    * BUG: Fix handling of odd length J2K encapsulated
    * NEW: C# wrapping working ! See Configuring and Building With VS
.NET 2008 (Include C sharp wrapping)
    * NEW: Better ITK integration: backward compatible ! You'll need
ITK 3.10.0, then set ITK_USE_SYSTEM_GDCM:ON (GDCM_USE_ITK is now
completely deprecated).
    * ENH: Initial support for libpoppler (a pdf lib on *nix system).
    * ENH: gdcmconv now support lossy j2k (rate, quality,
number-resolution, irreversible)
    * ENH: gdcmconv new options: convert to explicit, implicit,
use-dict, with-private-dict, compress-icon, remove-group-length !
    * ENH: gdcmconv you can switch "photometric-interpretation"
    * ENH: gdcmdump/gdcmconv advanced user option: --ignore-errors
    * ENH: gdcmconv option: root-uid (or GDCM_ROOT_UID env var)
    * ENH: gdcmimg: new options: series-uid/study-uid
    * ENH: advanced user: can now used system ljpeg or system openjpeg
    * BUG: Fix a couple of issues on Big Endian system.
    * BUG: GetSequenceOfItems() would not properly return all SQ,
instead a new prefered API was added: GetValueAsSQ().
    * ENH: new filter: FileExplicitFilter
    * ENH: Compressed IconImage (non standard) / RGB IconImage are now supported
    * BUG: Better lossless support, no color space transform happen
Color Space Transformations
    * ENH: JPEGLS now support with cygwin (not yet with MFC compiler,
so not part of the release).
    * ENH: gdcmviewer: new getopt options
    * ENH: vtkGDCMImageReader: now reads all overlays stored in DICOM
(not just the first one)
    * Tons of bug fixes !


    * http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=137895&package_id=197047&release_id=641237


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