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Re: Debian-Med images for Amazon Compute Cloud?!?

On Sat, 1 Nov 2008, Charles Plessy wrote:

I will try to build my own image for the moment. In the mid-term, I think that
it would be great to provide 100% Debian Med images for genomics (probably with
no GUI programs).

I currently do not have time to look into this Amazon cloud computing stuff.
But this remark lets me wonder whether we should build a

   med-bio-nox (or whatever name might be apropriate

either in addition to med-bio (and leave this as it is or remove the nox
stuff from there and add a Depends: med-bio-nox).  Would this be helpful?

I will also investigate how easy it is to share data on the
Amazone S3 storage system. Steffen's getData could be strenghtened and enhanced
to produce many indexes for the programs we ship (like emboss, NCBI blast,…),
and if we package it, the image and data couples can stay 100 % Debian.

Sounds like a good idea.

Unless there is a Free alternative that I overlooked, would there be
people interested in preparing semi-official Debian Med images ?

Not that I know of - but it would probably very be interesting.

Kind regards


PS: If you start thinking about this please try to design code you might
    develop with a variable "Blend" and just set Blend=Debian-Med or something
    like that.  It might be that other Blends might be interested as well.


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