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dpkg-shlibdeps warnings on not-found symbols

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Hello all,

While packaging gwyddion 2.10[1], I'm getting *many*
dpkg-shlibdeps-warnings like

symbol gwy_layer_basic_set_gradient_key used by
debian/gwyddion/usr/lib/gwyddion/modules/process/polylevel.so found in
none of the libraries.

The symbols in question are defined in one of the libraries, which gets
packaged into the library-package or some external library, but the
.so-files don't get linked to them during building. Is this confusing
dpkg-shlibdeps, or is this normal?
It is a private library, which has a soname.
I have a distant memory of having read something like, that private
libraries don't need (shouldn't have?) a soname. I can't find the
reference again :-( Is my memory wrong? Maybe then dpkg-shlibdeps would
simply ignore these .so-files? How to realize that?
I tried supplying -l${PWD}/debian/libgwyddion2-0/usr/lib to dh-shlibdeps
as well as exporting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the same directory in
debian/rules. To no avail.

As you see, I'm no expert on these things...
Could anybody please point me to some help on this? Many thanks to
Steffen, who already sent me some hints!

Can I simply ignore these warnings for now and get the new gwyddion
version into unstable before the freeze?


PS: Probably, I haven't been too clear in describing my problem...
Please ask for more details. Otherwise you can find gwyddion in our SVN
and one of my buildlogs at
Many thanks in advance for any help!

[1] Extra information: gwyddion uses autotools and libtool. From the
source package, I build several binary packages, including a library
package. I'm using CDBS.
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