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[Announce] New tasks web Bpages for all CDDs


I'd like to announce the new tasks pages generating system for the
CDD tasks pages.  I want you to hunt for bugs in these pages for about
one week before I replace the old pages by the new ones.  My plan is
to run a cron job[1] twice a day to regenerate all CDD pages.  (The
old cron jobs for Debian Med and Debian Science should be taken out
operation, for Debian Med I will do this by just inserting an "exit 0"
in the current script because the owner of the job David Paleino
announced to be off line for a while.)

  - (Hopefully) reimplemented all features of the old system
  - "Fully" translated modulo missing DDTP translations (and
    there are A LOT untranslated descriptions - this is YOUR
    job in case you have some spare time! ... Just visit the
    DDTP page[2] and see how you could enhance the situation!)
  - Better navigation from one task to the others by adding a
    menu in the left column
  - Fully translatable for all CDDs (no remaining references
    to Debian Med)
  - Easily adaptable for new CDDs by just adding a config file
  - Index page shows (translated, if there are DDTP translations)
    descriptions of the tasks instead of a plain list.
  - Pages are not PHP but static HTML, language preference settings
    are detected via "Options +MultiViews" in a .htaccess file
    (which is auto generated according the languages that are
    available); List of available languages at the bottom.
    Question: Do you think it makes sense to generate different
              sets of languages for different CDDs.  I'd regard
              this as possibly interesting but not high on top
              of the todo list.  Implementation is easy.
  - Probabably some more new features
  - Probably some new bugs

Please have a look at the pages of your pet-CDD:

  Debian Edu:

  Debian GIS:

  Debian Junior:

  Debian Med:

  Debian Science:

Start working on DDTP decriptions of packages _NOW_!

Kind regards


[1] http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/cdd/cdd/trunk/webtools/update-all-tasks?op=file&rev=0&sc=0
[2] http://ddtp.debian.net/


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