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Re: Google SoC (Bio DB manager)

On Mon, 31 Mar 2008, Aidan Findlater wrote:

Oh, I forgot to mention that Debian is the best distro, and Vi is the best
editor. Hopefully that last one doesn't get me disqualified...

Well, the first statement increases your chances, but the second pushes
you out! ;-)  Wait, last chance: What is better Gnome or KDE? ;-)))

Are applications for the SoC biological database manager project are still
open? I know it's last-minute, but I thought it can't hurt to ask. Please
let me know if it is possible to still apply, and what I would need to do

Just go to the GSoC page and apply as student.  I think it is not too late
but I personally have no idea how to apply as student - I just found out
how to apply as mentor. ;-)

In 2006, I got an NSERC (Canada's big science funding body) award to do
bioinformatics research as an undergrad. When I got tired of manually
updating my three or four databases every few months, I wrote a Ruby script
to automate the process. If the proposed database manager had existed then,
my life would have been much easier. This is a great idea for a project, and
I really hope it gets completed (even if it isn't by me).

As far as I know you are the only applicant. You would be ver welcome to work on this - or any other stuff you
might find interesting in Debian-Med.

Kind regards



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