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Re: GNUmed and libchipcard

On Mon, 31 Mar 2008, Sebastian Hilbert wrote:


it lists a recommended package libchipcard3-tools which supposedly does not
exist. Is this an error ?

It would be an error if it would be correct what you wrote.  But it is not
"Recommended" but "Suggested" and thus it is no error.  Moreover it is not
Suggested without alternative, because it says:

    Suggests: libchipcard3-tools | libchipcard-tools

which is resolved by libchipcard-tools as well and which exists.

So there should not even be a problem if you want to install all
Suggests.  So thanks for your remark, but I would like to know what
exactly leaded you to the problem.  I can not imagine that any
installation tool issued a warning about a missing alternative in
the lists of Suggests.  If there occured a problem anyway we would
like to learn more about this.

Kind regards



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