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Re: Mime types for medical data formats

On Mon, 31 Mar 2008, Charles Plessy wrote:

Indeed, my initial approach of having the definition in the packages
using them is not sustainable.


Although I was initially thinking that it would be better to to this for

I do not see a reason why we should delay usefull stuff it will not
potentially break anything.  Do I miss simething that this stuff has
ans chance to break other things?

why not moving all of this to a med-* CDD package?

Sure - this was my plan when writing the initial mail.

Shall we
create med-mime, or use something like med-common ?

Either med-common or we could also put this as extra workload into
med-bio for biological data formats, med-imaging for imaging related
data formats.  Probably the med-common is better because we might
have some overlap (especially between med-practice and med-imaging)
and the chances that somebody who does not work with biological
data has strong reasons to not install the few extra lines in his
MIME database are low.

Once this is
decided, I can move the entries I created and correct the packages in
which they are currently stored.

I have seen this but are these only Mappings to a certain suffix?
I'm afraid that this is actually not enouhh for several applications.
Files might have wrong suffixes and I would like them to be detected
also according to their real content.  This is surely nothing what should
prevent us with the stuff you startet - but we should consider to enhance

PS: Pity that ABI did not respond. By the way, I found another package
that can read Abif files, both .ab1 and .fsa, although I do not know it
it can be useful with the .ab1 files.

If you would be able to provide an English description I might add
it to the prospective packages.

Kind regards



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