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Re: Mime types for medical data formats

On Mon, 31 Mar 2008, Daniel Leidert wrote:

As long as there is no agreement with upstream, you can use the

a) x- prefix approach
b) vnd. vendor approach

Both are described in the MIME specification (IIRC i mentioned the RFC
in the discussion). I would suggest the latter for the application/* top
type as long as there is no agreement with upstream.

Well, I think there will be file types where there is not even any "upstream".
I just thought about whether we as the Debian-Med project could/should
add some MIME types, test them here and once we are happy about these
try to propagated them to a place (whereever this might be) to get
accepted it outside Debian.

Moreover I wonder whether the file command is able to read the mime-magic
stuff.  I have not yet fiddled around with thes things but I would regard
it as very comfortable if I would be able to

    file <unknown biological data file>

and get a reasonable and reliable answer.

Kind regards



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