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Re: gnumed on arm

On Sat, 29 Mar 2008, Sebastian Hilbert wrote:

Please investigate the possibility to build GNUmed on arm architecture.

Could you please be a little bit more verbose?  Gnumed-client is
architecture all and can definitely _builded_ on all arcitectures.

fails because of a missing dependency which itself fails because of missing

You probably mean that the package does not cleanly install because of
a dependency is missing on arm.

for the time beeing could you please investigate if a
pseudo-package for openoffice-pyuno on arm can be provided.

This is no task for Debian-Med but for the Openoffice people.  Moreover
I do not really understand your problem.  The missing packages are only
listed as recommends, not as Depends and thus gnumed-client should be
able to be installed in any case.

I would like to install it on the Nokia N810. Thanks.

So why not posting your exact problem (messages that are printed if you
apt-get / aptitude install gnumed-client or something like this)?

Perhaps you can also try equivs to simulate a missing package (feel free
to ask how to use equvs if you have problems).

Kind regards



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