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Re: Debian-Meds repository.

On Fri, 28 Mar 2008, Charles Plessy wrote:

I would have nothing against moving to git, except that I would be
unhappy to hear six month later than mercurial or bazaar is better and
that we should change again.

Fully ACK.
On the other hand: This distributed VCS issue adds some more fun to
the flamewar potential like Emacs - Vi, Gnome - KDE, ... ;-))

This said, I think that we will have to do some ground work on our
repository soon: the current layout makes it impossible to checkout
without the tags directories, and this starts to be significantly
heavier than the trunk. This reorganisation would be an opportunity for
a change of VCS, but I would nevertheless recommend to do this after the


As for the packaging strategy, I am still attached to the concept of
having our changes organised into patches. This makes easy for users to
de-activate some by just changing the debian/patches/series files, and
presents the information in an organised fashion. It also keeps the
checkouts much slimmer; last time I did a full checkout it was already a
bit annoyingly slow (despite I have optic fiber at home).

What should I say: 385kBit DSL!  I'm living in a really nice place
close to the wood but far to a fast DSL terminal.  You have to set
some priorities in life ...
So I'm desperately asking for a possibility to only check out the
Debian changes, because I'm able to carry a Debian-Mirror (with source
tarballs) on my laptop and I would hate to pull copies of those
tarballs when updating my VCS.

Kind regards



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