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Re: Treeplot source vanished / broken links

[Oliver, I think there is nothing private in this mail, so I decided
to CC the Debian-Med mailing list]

On Mon, 17 Mar 2008, Olivier Langella wrote:

indeed, http://www.pge.cnrs-gif.fr/bioinfo/treeplot/ is not responding.
It's an old web site of my previous laboratory.

Thanks for your quick response.

"treeplot" is old now, I didn't knew that some people would like to use
it... I was considering to abandon it because I had problems to compile
it with newer gcc and I thought it was a waste of time to fix it.

Well, it might be helpful to hear the opinion from you as the author
whether you think it is outdated and should not be used any more.  I was
just checking te list of our prospective packages and found that the
link under


was broken.

There is no web page featuring the "treeplot" code anymore, but I am
glad to see that it's interesting for you and others like Vincent
Danjean. So, I would like to set up a new page, but I don't know when
and where for the moment and I have to fix compilation problems first.

Well, I have not verified the stuff but in the Debian-Med SVN there
seem to be some patches:


Just check it out whether they solve the compile problem (in most cases
such patches are intended to enable compilation with gcc 4.2 or 4.3).

I know on the contrary that "populations"
(http://bioinformatics.org/~tryphon/populations/) is a very popular
software (50 citations in 2005). It's active, I am maintaining the code,
there is a web page... but no debian package. I can try to make it if
you want.

If you would prepare Debian packages or at least support the preparation
we would be very happy.  While we have a lot of biological software
packaged in Debian we might need all possible suport and especially
from upstream developers.  If you would like to have access to our
packaging SVN just ask.

BTW, we are listing populations in our list of prospective packages at


Would you regard this as a 1:1 replacement of treeplot?

Thank you for your interest in "treeplot" and for your great job in the
Debian project.

Thanks :)



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