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Re: debian/compat and CDBS.

On Mon, 17 Mar 2008, Charles Plessy wrote:

cdbs does not need debian/compat and will chose the highest level
available. I tend to remove compat files those days, but of course it is
adding a degree of freedom between builds.

Ahhh, well I remember there was a discusson about this and according
to my (weak) memory the outcome was that cdbs is not always right in
choosing the right version in debian/compat.  If I was wrong here just
feel free to revert my change (which will come into effect not for
the current upload any more, but for the next).

What is your opinion on this issue? I am very flexible and will follow
the majority, but I would prefer that we would decide on something and
document it in our policy.

I have no strong feelings about it - I just thought something was
missing and having the file does not really harm IMHO.

Kind regards



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