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Re: Tracking WNPP bugs and other interesting software

On Fri, 14 Mar 2008, Charles Plessy wrote:

actually, the subgroups are almost the same already: just compare the
wiki page to the goups of the bio task:


Sure, but these are only comments which are ignored by all tools.
I would think about creating new keywords in the tasks files:

SectionDef: <Section Name>
SectionDescription: <Section Description>

and add a

Section: Section1

to packages that fit into Section1 etc.

This would enable us to split the lang list into sections and perhaps
link to a popcon graph for this section which finally would be the
benefit of all this business because it gives some information for the
user which package is realy used and might replace another package.

But this are ideas for the future and currently only needed for the
Biology part.  It might become usefull for longer tasks in Debian-Edu
and thus I put this somewhere on the bottom of my todo list.

I made this wiki page mostly as a proof of principle. You are most
welcome to obsolete it by making a dynamically-generated version on

As I said it provides some functionality that is not available at the
tasks page and thus makes sense.  I just added relevant hints to the
Wiki page.

Kind regards



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