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Re: [Debian-med-packaging] Infernal has arrived in experimental, AutoDock uploaded

On Sun, 2 Mar 2008, Steffen Moeller wrote:

There are two ways to do so:
  1. Fix your package description and it will be put onto the page
  2. Fix debian-med source in SVN
what I meant was that at some meta-level the page could possibly give
the information that you just wrote in your mail.

Yes.  I do not consider the pages as ready.  Feel free to propose a
phrase paragraph that you think would apropriately express this for
an outsider.  (I'm personally "biased" and might think that something
is obvious which isn't for others.)

I think I would opt for "experimental Debian package available".

Opting for something is cheap, but what about implementation? ;-)

There are technical and textual problems.  Regarding the content
we would need a fourth category in our traffic light scheme which
sounds broken to me.  From a users point of view inofficial and
experimental are very similar.  Even if experimental is offcial
Debian the user most probably has to add some extra line to sources.list
and gets something which is potentially dangerous or at least not
of the quality he could usually expect.

Technically it is not that cheap to implement because I'm currently
reading only the package list of unstable.  It is on my todo list
to add stable and testing as well and add some information about this
but adding experimental would cause severe additional problems which
I do not really want to risk for a use that is at best questionably
concerning the content (as I explained above).

That's why I suggested the workaround to mention experimental packages
as inofficial which in my eyes is a proper solution (I discussed this
with some random DDs at Chemnitzer LinuxTage and all agreed).

I got
feedback from upstream btw, the PDFs of Infernal are manually edited
with Adobe Illustrator and thus the is no lower level that was omitted.
The documentation for the user guide will be added with the next release.

Well, if the only reason for using experimental as target distribution
are questionable doc files I would leave them out in the binary package
and link to upstream docs.  This might serve our users more than "hiding"
a package at a place where less people will seek.

Kind regards



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