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Broken (lib)vista version number

I'm a member of the Debian-Med Group, which aims at providing medical software
for the Debian GNU/{Linux,Hurd,kFreeBSD,...} distribution.

I was going to package both odin and vista. Currently I can't compile odin
(because of broken libqt4-dev on unstable, but that's another story), I'm
writing because of problems with vista (or, better, libvista).

In fact, the version number is 2.2.1, but after compilation we have a
"/usr/lib/libvista.so.2.0.2". That will probably cause errors when someone else
will compile any package depending on this library.

I've searched for that version number (2.0.2) in the whole source tree with:

$ grep -nR "2\.0\.2" *

but had no luck. In fact, it seems like everything is correctly setting 2.2.1.
Could you please point me where this strange number comes from? If you believe
it's not worth making a new release, I'll make a "Debian-specific" patch to fix

Please, keep me (and the debian-med list) CCed in your replies.

Thank you,

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