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Packaging EMBASSY.

Dear all,

I have progressed faster than expected on cleaning EMBOSS bugs, and this
lead me to start to package EMBASSY, which is a set of additional
programs for EMBOSS that are either work in progress of wrappers for
external software.

EMBASSY programs have to be built against EMBOSS libraries. Currently,
these are Ajax, Nucleus, and Eplplot. Since the developpment packages I
prepared (libajax5-dev, libnucleus5-dev) provide a lot of header files,
I moved them in /usr/include/ajax and /usr/include/nucleus respectively.
However, the EMBASSY programs expect the files in /usr/include.
Therfore, I patched their makefiles. I am not completely sure if what I
did was the right things. Would it be better to leave the header files
in /usr/include? Is there another way to tell to the compiler that it
has to look in /usr/include/ajax and /usr/include/nucleus?

As EMBASSY packages are ./configure && make && make install packages, I
decided that factorizing as much code as possible was important, and
used CDBS for their building. Please inform me if you have strong
opinions about this, or if you know smarter ways of factorizing code
with SVN. I am open to other solutions.

Last but not least, you may have noticed that I mentionned the Eplplot
library, but did give it a proper package. The reason is that it was a
quite divergent fork of the plplot library in the past, but that it
seems to have been updated in EMBOSS 5.0.0. Therfore, building EMBOSS
against Debian's libplplot could make sense, but on the other hand this
work may be a significant undertaking. Until we ask upstream or try by
ourselves, we will not know... For the moment, all the -dev and non -dev
parts of eplplot are in the emboss-lib package, in which they were from
the beginning of EMBOSS packaging. I am still wondering if we should try
to release EMBOSS or EMBASSY soon, or if we should try to work this out

Two preliminary EMBASSY packages are already in our SVN, alongside with
a script which automatically builds the manpages (in /tools).


Have a nice day,

Charles Plessy
Wako, Saitama, Japan

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