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Re: Committed tags for debian-med

On Friday 14 September 2007 19:15:31 Benjamin Mesing wrote:

> today I have commit the tags based on the suggested patch provided by
> the debian-med project.

This is great. I found the following bits that you might want to change.

Many greetings


> +Tag: biology::nuceleic-acids
typo -> nucleic

> + Software that works with sequences of nucleic acids:
> + DNA, RNA but also non-natural nucleic acids such as PNA or LNA.
Should we possibly avoid abbreviations?
locked nucleic acids (LNAs), peptide nucleic acids (PNAs)
and I admit that I'd feel like writing out DNA and RNA, too.

> +Tag: biology::peptidic
> +Description: Proteins
> + Software that works with sequences of aminoacids: peptides and proteins.
amino acids

>  Facet: culture
>  Status: complete
>  Nature: space
> @@ -495,6 +525,18 @@
>  Tag: field::biology
>  Description: Biology
> +Tag: field::biology:bioinformatics
> +Description: Bioinformatics
> + Sequence analysis software.
Well. If I'd have a veto then I'd use it here.  
field::biology:sequence-analysis would make perfect sense. Bioinformatics is 
more than that. Some (and possibly this includes me) would count everything 
that is tagged with field::biology as bioinformatics since otherwise is would 
not be in Debian. Anyway, bioinformatics is more then book-keeping. And if it 
is book-keeping then it is also the book-keeping of structures.

> +Tag: field::biology:structural
> +Description: Structural biology
> + Software useful to model tridimentional structures.

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