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Re: Debian-Med get

On Sunday 09 September 2007 21:20:36 Tranquil Path wrote:
> im completely new to Linux OS. I would like to download Debian-Med on my
> computer. I havent understood from your web-page how is Debian connected to
> Debian-med
> ?! I would like to download it. Do I have to download just Debian from
> your page to get Debian-med?
> Please give me a piece of advice where to get Debian-Med.

Hello, Andreas has a couple of talks and papers that explain what Custom 
Debian Distributions like Debian-Med are about. You find them when you google 
for them or look at the wiki.debian.org pages. Executive summary for Newbies: 
think of Debian-Med as a special interest group within Debian. All software 
appears as regular packages in Debian, so you have it all already at your 

To install, say,  clustalw, just become root (or use sudo) and run "apt-get 
install clustalw". You may consider to meet a local Linux users group to help 
you over the initial hurdles.


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