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Re: New tags for biology and medicine.

On Wed, 5 Sep 2007, Steffen Moeller wrote:

As a DD and knowing me to use your packages you can do many things :o)

Sure.  But in this case a clear tracking path is implemented and I can
do this only with an upload of a signed package.  Changing Debtags is
open for anybody without a login.

BTW, IMHO the best way to install a cluster is using FAI.  An alternative
might be FAI or you can use FAI if you want to avoid the first two.  All
three alternatives are working perfectly fine and are completely ignoring
DebTags (to my knowledge).  So I see no reason at all to rape DebTags
technique for things it is not really made for.

But, yes, an authority that assigns tags to software packages (the authority
could be in Debian or in some grid community) will have some influence on
what software is eligible on some cluster's specification.

... which would be definitely a no go for clusters that would be under
my personal control.

Exactly. Think of
these installations as transient dynamic events that are associated with jobs
seeking a cluster on the grid for its execution. For some clusters in the
grid a software will be allowed to be installed on demand (because of the
debtags assignments to the software and constraints imposed by the cluster)
and on others not.

Well, you mentioned that you want to do this but I have never seen giving
you any reason for this or any advantage you want to gain by using this.

Well, probably we could convince DebTags people by just naming the
5+x entries that a catagorie makes sense without having an extra

Fine. But we need a way for us to assign the packages then to tags that are
not yet part of debtags. Or am I mixing things up here?

No you are right.  At first there must be a tag and then you can assign
it to the package.  My suggestion was rather this way: Write a kind
e-mail to debtags-devel and tell them: We have package p1, ... , pn that
would perfectly fit into a new category named X.  Please add this
category because ... (some reasons).  I guess with this approach we
sound much more convincing than just proposing categories that are
very specific and the people who are not working in this field are
not able to understand the real need.

Kind regards



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