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Re: ImageJ in Debian!

On Mon, 27 Aug 2007, Charles Plessy wrote:

ImageJ, a JAVA-based clone of the image analysis software "NIH Image",
has recently entered Debian. It can read DICOM files, but is also used
in other fields than medical imaging. Therefore I do not know where to
put an entry for it in our website. Or maybe the best is to duplicate,
one in "imaging", one in "others" ?

Ahh, this is great (I allways thought it would be on our imaging list
on the web pages ...).  In my opinion it is a clear target for med-imaging
dependency.  The fact that you can use it in other fields (which are
what ???) does not really convinces me that people who are working on
these "other than image processing tasks" will not need med-imaging

Kind regards



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