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Re: Can a DD build and upload EMBOSS for AMD64 ?

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Charles Plessy ha scritto:
> Hi all,

Hey there,

> there seems to be some delays in the autobuilding of EMBOSS for
> experimental, but I would like to have AMD64 binaries before announcing
> the packages on the EMBOSS mailing list. Could a DD help me by building
> and uploading AMD64 binaries to experimental? (I only have powerpc and
> i386 at home).

I got an account on sf.net. They got a compile-farm, I can try there. I don't
really know whether they got an AMD64, but they should have. I'll give it a try.

> http://packages.debian.org/experimental/science/emboss
> http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/e/emboss/emboss_4.1.0-1.dsc
> The build is a bit long, but if you have an AMD64 machine, it should not
> be too much ;)

How long? :-)

> Have a nice day,

Thanks, you too.

P.S.: yeah, I know that having a machine on one's own is better, but the
compile-farm is for things like this one ;-) -- I don't know if I can compile
projects not hosted there though. I'll try anyway.

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