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Re: Meshlab and Qutemol

Hi Teemu,

Sounds like a nice piece to be added to Debian, and I think I might use
meshlab from time to time. I wonder also how much of non-free volpack
library (http://graphics.stanford.edu/software/volpack/)
functionality mashlab covers and may be I could buzz AMIDE
(http://amide.sourceforge.net/) author asking to utilize meshlab

Please reflect your plans about the packages within Debian bug
tracking system - file either ITP (intent to package) or RFP (request
for packaging) bugs against wnpp for libvcg, qutemol, and meshlab.

reportbug wnpp
should be sufficient to guide you through such submission

I can help testing/sponsoring packages -- though due 2.6.20 my nvidia
doesn't work with nvidia driver any longer... I will have to reboot...
uff... ;-)

On Tue, 24 Apr 2007, Teemu Ikonen wrote:
> I could go on and package Meshlab with a static copy of VCG included,
> but if there's someone with suitable hardware, time and interest to
> package Qutemol, then maybe VCG should be in a separate package.
> Anybody interested?

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