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Progress on Debian Package for FSL


it is now almost one year since my last update about the ITP of FSL


The ITP is already quite old (Oct 2005), but still not yet closed.

Meanwhile the package has a rather broad user base. This might be due to
the fact that since the release of version 3.3 the package is offered by
upstream as the default distribution for Debian/Ubuntu based distributions.
It has about 60 _new_ user downloads a month and to my suprise most
people use the sarge package.

With the help of Yaroslav Halchenko I provide the package for Debian
sarge, etch, sid and Ubuntu dapper, edgy for i386, amd64, powerpc and
ia64 in my private repository.


I somehow got used to the situation of not having the package in Debian,
but I still would like to see it there. However, some things have to be
resolved before this can happen.

The package(s) are not completely lintian clean. Most complaints are
trivial (but possibly time consuming) to solve. Some files lack a proper
copyright statement (or some unclear statement) -- FSL is non-free

In general the packages work well -- virtually all of the user feedback is 
simply positive.

On the packaging side there is only one major point left. FSL uses an
outdated version of the nifticlibs (current version is packaged and available
in Debian proper). It would be much better to use this package
dependency instead, but things work well without it. The next major FSL
release should solve this problem.

I'd really appreciate if someone could provide some critical comments
about the packaging. I kept asking since 2005, but only a few guys
(thanks to them) gave it a rather quick look. So if you feel like 'What
can I do today?' please give it a try. The question is what has to be
done to get it successfully through NEW?

I have to admit that the package is a bit complex. Because of the size 
and the awkward upstream buildsystem I had to modify quite a lot of stuff. 
I see no point in chasing minor lintian complaints before I get some feedback
that my decisions are reasonable.

I hope I can attract someone this time ;)

Thanks in advance.



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