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Re: Tagged ITP (was: Re: (user-)Tagging ITPs)

On Wed, 16 Aug 2006, Michael Hanke wrote:

I just submitted an ITP and tagged it. I discovered that this is still the
only bug that is tagged this way.


We should probably link this page from our web pages to make it
more popular.  Here now even comes the first usage into mind because
we could link also the (med-)imaging tagged ITPs to the imaging
section, etc. ...

I hope I haven't been to fast.

No.  Doing something is mostly not to fast.  Even if we change our
mind about the tagging we can change it afterwards.  You obviousely
followed my suggestion and even if we now more or less agreed to
stick to Charles first proposal no harm is done because I guess
we can change the tags afterwards (which gives us some training
in this field. ;-)

Thanks for the ITP



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