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Three new packages for debian-med!

Dear all,

Good news, three of my packages have been accepted.


They all perform multiple alignments (with different algorithms, speeds,
and qualities of course). I think that I will package one or two
additional ones, and then propose an update of t-coffee as the new
release contain m-coffee, a meta-aligner which gives good results when
processing the output of eight different alignment programs.

I was wondering how to keep track of the new packates (and also how to
advertise them). I will soon submit an update for the debian-med
website. The two other things I am thinking about are the debian-med
metapackages and the debtags. But how mature are the debtags?

For the debian-med metapackages, do you think that it would make sense
to upload their sources on the alioth svn repository so that we could
add packages in their dependancies as they are released ?

Have a nice day,


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