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Re: Mass bug filing: lesstif1->lesstif2 transition

Le Fri, Jun 16, 2006 at 03:52:56PM +0900, Kai Hendry a écrit :
> Lesstif1 is deprecated in favour of the upstream maintained lesstif2.
> Affected packages are:
>        clustalw
>        njplot
>        ncbi-tools6

Hi all,

I just checked that those three packages can be rebuilt with lesstif2,
it loooks OK...

This transition provides the opportunity to carry something more during
the upload. I would propose to include a .desktop entry, as a
convenience for the GNOME and KDE users. There is an effort in Ubuntu to
write such files and as a result there is already a patch for njplot.

I can write one for clustalw and submit it. Also, I would like to add a
french entry in the one of NJplot, as I did for TreeViewX. The Ubuntu
does not contain them.

Oh, while writing the mail, I tested clustalx and realised that there is
a bug: it does not want to quit, I have to kill it. However, this is not
specific to the version built with lesstif2, so I am a bit puzzled. Can
you reproduce the bug?

PS: I found a typo in the menu file: Clutalw instead of Clustalw.

Have a nice day,


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