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Re: Progress on Debian Package for FSL


here is another short update about the FSL Debian package.

The package was recently updated to a new upstream release (FSL 3.3).
This release added a number of new dependencies.

The MRI data viewer FSL cannot be compiled, because there is no Debian
package of VTK 5.0, yet. I contacted the maintainer of the VTK package
and asked for an update.

Another new part of FSL is TBSS, see


Unfortunately, this part depends on IRTK, an external software that is
non-free and even worse: closed-source. At least this is not a
compile-time dependency. Debian users can use TBSS if they download the
IRTK binaries from the upstream homepage


Fortunately, another FSL dependency NEWMAT is on its way into the Debian
archive (currently in NEW).

Perhaps, as more people are using the package, it could be listed as an
inofficial package in section 'medical imaging' on the Debian-med
project website.

Upstream homepage is:


Package homepage is:




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