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Re: ITK debian packages

Hello all,

An update:

A few days ago v2.4 of ITK was officially released, and last night I
finished off bringing the main deb up to date.  The primary package (with
libs, dev, and examples) is ready to go, I'll upload the new one to
mentors.debian.net when I get home.

As per Andreas's feedback, I fixed up the .orig packing, removed the
patented code and the empty CVS dirs (which really shouldn't have been there
in the first place), and made sure it was building with a separate diff.  So
all issues raised should be addresssed, passing lintian and about ready to

There is however a problem with the tarball of the new CableSwig (the link
doesn't work from SourceForge) so I can't do the bindings yet.  But as soon
as the download link is fixed I'll finish off CableSwig and do the bindings.

  :: Gavin

Gavin Baker                                      Complex Systems Group
http://www.cs.mu.oz.au/~gavinb             The University of Melbourne

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