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Re: ITP: fsl -- analysis tools for FMRI, MRI and DTI brain imaging

On Fri, 7 Oct 2005, Michael Hanke wrote:

The package is far from being ready. Although there is a
*very preliminary* version of the package here:
it will take several weeks or even months before there is a proper package.

I had a *very* quick view on the debian directory which leadid to two minor

 1) debian/menu:
    I would avoid calling
         source /etc/fsl/fsl.sh ; /usr/bin/fsl
    and consider it more sane if you write a wrapper script in /usr/bin/fsl
    which contains

        source /etc/fsl/fsl.sh

    or something like that.  This ensures that the config file is *always*
    read before fsl is started.  Moreover I would call the config file
    fsl.conf and not fsl.sh (even if it contains shell code)

 2) debian/README.Debian-source
    I see no reason to invent just another README.Debian - just put all
    contents into one file.  It is very convinient to put comments regarding
    the source package into README.Debian

I'm posting this bug report, because it would by a huge waste of time if
someone would duplicate this work.

This is exactly the purpose of ITP bugs ...

There are several open issues: e.g. upstream ships several libs that are
available as proper Debian packages and all those libs all linked
statically to a pretty large number of binaries.

If someone is interested in contributing to this packaging attempt,
please contact me.

You seem to be a brave man to attack this target. :-) Good luck (or rather
wish you a certain amount of spare - or even paid - time to get it finished).

Thanks for your effort



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