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Re: Debian package for Haploview

On Wed, 1 Jun 2005, Steffen Moeller wrote:

It is one of these packages that only run with a Sun SDK 1.4 or higher,
making in depth use of SWING.
I personally have problems with Java because of the confusion of the different
SDKs and dependency issues.  That's why I had trouble to sponsor this package.
What could be of help here?

   1. Find a Debian maintainer who has more Java experience than me.
      (Asking on debian-java list might be a good idea.)
   2. Find a replacement for Sun SDK.  I have heard that people on
      debian-java list know certain tricks and solutions and would
      be helpful.
   3. Educate upstream authors about free Java implementations.

I guess Stefen could need some help here.  The "it works for me state" leaves
the question for him, why he should try hard to make it work for others
(= doing the things I suggested above).  So I would be very glad if someone
could help Stefen to finally move this stuff to the Debian mirror.

Kind regards



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