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Re:I want to colaborate with debian-med

Hi Adrian (and people from the list)!

> You can check the list in http://www.livejournal.com/~amastronardi/ I
> already debianized some of these packages.

I saw bioFOX there.
I have renamed yesterday my RFP of bioFOX to an ITP.
My Package is here:

We have created our packages almost at the same time... :-)

I didn't release it because I am not on my machine (I hate to say that, but I am using a Windows machine here, from my father... ahhhh), so I couldn't test it.
There is a Linda warning too, that I don't know how to override:

$ linda -i biofox_1.0.1-1_all.deb
W: biofox; File /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/extensions/{fbfbf0bf-032e-427e-932d-0b000a34f168}/chrome/biofox.jar contained in /usr/lib of Architecture: all package.
 The file shown above is installed into /usr/lib, but the package that
 contains it is a architecture-independent package. This file should be
 installed into /usr/share instead.

Also, bioFOX is released under MPL/GLP/LGPL and not Artistic.

I will be on travel tomorrow and be back on tuesday.
Back to my machine only on next monday... :-(

Until there, you could take a look on both packages and take the better from both! ;-)
When I return (tuesday), we can talk more about bioFOX, OK? :-)

Nelson A. de Oliveira
UOL Fone: Fale com o Brasil e o Mundo com até 90% de economia. 

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