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Debian-Med day @ DebConf


I think about organizing kind of a "Debian-Med day" if enouth interested people
would like to join DebConf 5 in Helsinki

I could imagine the following:

   1. My (accepted) Custom Debian Distributions talk in the morning.
   2. Having some general discussion about Custom Debian Distributions
      until noon.
   3. BOF "Debian-Med" in early afternoon.
   4. Discussing Debian-Med issues in the afternoon.

It would be interesting how many people which are interested in medicine
will join DebConf and do think that such a schedule would be interesting.

Moreover I would like to inform you about a paper Steffen Möller and me
want to send in to BIOMED in Utrecht.  You can have a look at the
preliminary version at


(left navigation has a link to the PDF version.  There is also a latex2html
version at
but this output is a little bit weak so I would suggest to go with the PDF.
The necessary files to build the PDF are available via SVN:


Kind regards



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