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Re: Open Source for Health Care projects

On Wed, 27 Apr 2005, Valentin Masero wrote:

I am contacting the list because we want to make a study about Open Source /
Free Software for Health Care in the Spain and Portugal geographical area. And
we need to know about people or projects working on this issue in Spain or

In addition, we are making an international event on July 13th 2005 in Merida,
in the south west of Spain, near to Portugal, and we need a few speakers for
making speechs about Open Source for Health Care. Therefore, we will invite some
speakers from the Spain/Portugal geographical area or any speaker from anywhere
around the world who will be in Spain on July 2005.

Hotel and travel expenditures from Portugal or inside Spain will be paid by
organization committee and also will be paid the speaker payment.
I would love to held a Debian-Med talk but I'm at Debian conference 5 in
Helsinki at this time (and I'm neither from Spain nor Portugal).

Any contact will be welcome for either, the study about Open Source / Free
Software for Health Care in the Spain and Portugal geographical area, or for
making a speech on July 13th in Merida.
I will CC debian-med mailing list in case somebody from this area would
be able to hold a talk which I would be able to prepare in English.  I know
that once I had one of my first talks it was even translated into Spanish
but this one is to old and has to be overworked.  I would love to support
your effort as much as possible because I entered Spain last year for
two conferences (and I will miss the next one next week for personal reasons
unfortunately) and see very much power behind Open Source development in
your countries.

My most important hint from my experiences last year is: Make sure that many
people learn English good enough to join the international Open Source
community.  If you fail here you will have to do a lot of work which is
just done.

Kind regards



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