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Raster3D (and gff2aplot too)

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Hi Andreas!

Andreas Tille wrote:
>    Perhaps providing a README.Debian might make sense - but not (...)

I made 2 README.Debian. One for raster3d and other for raster3d-doc.
They are basically explaining that raster3d-doc could be useful and that
the user will have to install raster3d in order to use some examples
from raster3d-doc. It also says that he might need ghostscript and
imagemagick to run some examples.

BTW, a README.Debian on raster3d and another one on raster3d-doc. Is it

About imagemagick:

It works OK with imagemagick present on testing and unstable (they are
the same version). I put it as recommends, since the main program from
Raster3D doesn't needs imagemagick.
The same for ghostscript. A recommends to gs-gpl (since gs is a dummy
package to gs-gpl). GS is only needed by two scripts, that aren't the
"core" of Raster3D.

raster3-doc also has a recommends on raster3d since to run the examples,
the user will need the programs from raster3d package.

I have patched upstream BUGS file, to (I think) the really important parts.

> /usr/share/doc/raster3d/changelog.Debian :
>    All my remarks are no real show stoppers for an upload and can be
>    fixed in future versions.  But we need a "Closes: #<WNPP-bub-number>"
>    :)

Done! :-)

> /usr/share/doc-base/raster3d
>    You should list the PDF file in addition

Also done.

>    Moreover I have very often seen that the docs inside a xyz-doc package
>    are installed into /usr/share/doc/xyz instead of /usr/share/doc/xyz-doc.
>    This is a minor remark but I just want you to know that this might
>    be interesting and you should perhaps ask or RTFM whether there are
>    some best practices.

Yes. I was in doubt about that.
Asked on #debian-devel and #debian-mentors. Nobody answered... :-/
Then I download some packages source that were split in <package> and
They were installing all the documents under /usr/share/doc/package-doc
Because that I installed on the same way. I don't remember the name of
the packages, but I saw it on two packages.

>    Moreover I would do a
>        raster3d.html /usr/share/doc/raster3d-doc/html/index.html
>    to make immediately clear with what file to start reading.

I created a link index.html -> raster3d.html, so people that are already
familiar with the webpages could open raster3d.html and new people will
see the index.html. I think this could help.

Well... I think that you are already getting angry with me! :-)
I hope that there is no more mistake on the packages.

Packages and stuff here:

And, finally, could you upload a new revision of the gff2aplot package?
I corrected some small things on the package (nothing important).


Thank you very much Andreas!

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