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3 new packages


I have created packages for the programs:

gff2aplot: Pair-wise alignment-plots for genomic sequences in PostScript.
Homepage: http://genome.imim.es/software/gfftools/GFF2APLOT.html
License: GNU GPL
Package: http://biolinux.df.ibilce.unesp.br/naoliv/med/gff2aplot/

gff2ps: Produces PostScript graphical output from GFF-files.
Homepage: http://genome.imim.es/software/gfftools/GFF2PS.html
License: GNU GPL
Package: http://biolinux.df.ibilce.unesp.br/naoliv/med/gff2ps/

raster3d: set of tools for generating high quality raster images of
proteins or other molecules.
Homepage: http://www.bmsc.washington.edu/raster3d/raster3d.html
License: None. Can be distributed(?)
Package: http://biolinux.df.ibilce.unesp.br/naoliv/med/raster3d/

The big problem here is Raster3D. I have put it on non-free section. Could someone take a look at him ans say if it can go on Debian? Info is available at debian/copyright file.

Also, could someone verify the quality of the packages, if they are OK?

Thank you very much

Nelson A. de Oliveira
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